High Point Drinks Drives Brand Activation & Amplification

Working with Aforza, High Point Drinks is in complete control of their sales activity, commercial investment and brand sentiment as they scale.

Introduction to High Point Drinks

High Point Drinks is a fast-growing, non-alcoholic beverage brand from Cornwall in the United Kingdom. They are focused on creating innovative, super-premium drinks with the world’s first non-alcoholic fermented aperitif and digestif.

Its Ruby Aperitif and Amber Digestif contain no artificial flavours or colours; made with Cornish spring water, tea leaves and a selection of natural ingredients from the surrounding Cornish countryside.

High Point’s craft is designed to complement their lifestyles and raise a glass to the coastal landscape where they originate. Their vision is to take a stand for flavour and to become famous for making exceptional non-alcoholic fermented drinks to pair with high-quality food.

Fermentation takes time, but time brings flavours, deep aromas and complexity. Like waiting for the perfect wave, they take their time and believe you can tell the difference. No shortcuts, no cut corners, no lab coats.

Commercial Objectives

The popularity of alcohol free alternatives is on the rise and High Point is excited to be part of this rapidly growing sector.

“We are seeing more and more that consumers are looking for choice in what they are drinking within the non alcoholic space and we hope that High Point will be a new, premium addition.” said Eddie Lofthouse, founder of High Point Drinks. 

High Point has 3 primary audience groups:

  • The Non-alcoholic crowd

  • The Foodies

  • The Outdoor Lifestylers (surfing, skating, paddle boarding)

High Point’s first year has been focused on educating the category and growing exposure through on-trade in top tier restaurants and premium pubs. Their brands are also available for purchase on Amazon or via the High Point Drinks website.

Moving into the second year, there will be continued focus in premium restaurants and pubs, online and a move into luxury grocery chains. High Point also plans to grow their lifestyle exposure further through strategic partnerships with shared-value brands outside of the category. 

The Aforza Solution

High Point has ambitious growth plans and wanted to be in complete control of their sales activity and commercial investment as they scale. They also needed to understand from real-time customer feedback if their brand promotes an aspirational lifestyle and is viable against category competitors.

With Aforza, High Point is able to achieve this. They have complete visibility into the activity and performance across both existing and prospective customers, they can now clearly understand what the total addressable market is, how their brands are performing, what is selling the best and where there is opportunity for growth.

The Aforza solution provides High Point with:

  • Account 360: Understanding the total addressable market

  • Segmentation Engine: Segmenting and prioritizing the most important customers

  • Activity logging: Capturing all engagement activity and customer sentiment

  • Sales Productivity & Mobile: Deploying easily adopted online and mobile applications

  • Real-time Reporting: Gaining full visibility into sales activity and performance

The Aforza solution was deployed and rolled out at High Point in less than 2 weeks.

What's Next for High Point

Looking forward, High Point will continue their innovation and drive for making exceptional non-alcoholic fermented drinks.

With early activation in top tier restaurants, premium pubs and online, further distribution in luxury grocery chains will see the brand continue this exciting growth journey.

For more information on High Point drinks, please check out: highpointdrinks.co.uk

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