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Aforza is Awarded Three Best-in-Class Distinctions in the Promotion Optimization Institute’s (POI) 2022 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama Report

Aforza is Awarded Three Best-in-Class Distinctions in the Promotion Optimization Institute’s (POI) 2022 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama

LONDON, 2022 - Aforza, the leading cloud and mobile solution specifically built for the consumer goods industry that empowers businesses of all sizes to sell more and grow faster, was today awarded three best-in-class distinctions in the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) 2022 Enterprise Planning (EPx) Vendor Panorama Report: 'Field Analytics & Insights', 'Collaboration – Internal' and 'Collaboration – External'. The POI research team evaluated 19 leading vendors to help their manufacturer and retail partners understand the technology and related service options that can help them improve promotional outcomes and drive profitable growth. 

This year, POI were impressed with the advances that the vendor community has made; continuing to drive foundational technology to ease the burden of planning and drive promotion efficiency & effectiveness. They also noted the progress of RGM (Revenue Growth Management), even in times of rising costs, inflation and global insecurity. Vendors have also leant into new technologies such as machine learning & AI in order to positively impact pricing, trade planning and deductions. 

In the report, POI made specific observations on the fresh perspective Aforza brings to the market. They commented on how Aforza offers a fully integrated suite of Trade Promotion Management capabilities that connects planning to execution in real-time, with everything from budget & fund management to interactive planning calendars, integrated promotion execution to omnichannel promotion pricing. They shared that a key differentiator for Aforza is the ability to offer one true promotion-driven price on every channel, concurrently. 

Additionally, they noted how Aforza thinks about planning from the shelf back and that having TPM and Retail Execution in one solution is unique and brings value. They called out the strong roadmap for innovation and how they see Aforza continuing to grow their share in the market. They concluded the evaluation by sharing that they “see no reason to avoid Aforza”. 

"This is our first year in the Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama report and we are extremely proud to have received such strong endorsement with three best-in-class distinctions from POI, who we regard as a trusted partner for the industry." says Dominic Dinardo, CEO & Co-Founder of Aforza. "The consumer goods industry continues to battle with missed revenue opportunities, ineffective trade spend and

disconnected execution, but Aforza’s connected enterprise planning solution is designed to address these challenges head on. It’s important for us to receive this recognition which really validates our fresh approach and the value we bring to our customers.” 

POI strongly suggests that manufacturers evaluate Aforza when they are looking for end-to-end capabilities including TPM, Advanced Analytics and Retail Execution. 

About POI

POI brings together manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, analysts, academics, and other industry leaders with the specific objective of collaboratively improving Enterprise planning and the promotion & distribution of consumer goods. This industry-wide effort of POI produces a roadmap on how trading partners can continuously improve their approach and profitability through real-time, relevant promotions. 

About Aforza

Aforza helps consumer goods companies sell more and grow faster through a suite of cloud & mobile apps built for the industry. Aforza connects trade planning and field sales teams together to solve the problems of unprofitable promotions, declining market share and lack of revenue growth. The Aforza product works out of the box and can be implemented in weeks. The mobile applications work offline and deliver powerful on-device intelligence across Apple iOS and Android devices. 

Aforza is built on the Salesforce and Google Cloud Platforms which means they can scale fast and deliver continuous innovation with 3 releases a year. Customer success is Aforza's top priority and they are proud to be trusted by CPG companies around the world; including leading breweries, food & beverage manufacturers, consumer healthcare companies and major distributors. To learn more, please visit

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If you would like to see POI's full evaluation of Aforza and the details behind why we were awarded three best-in-class distinctions in the 2022 Enterprise Planning (EPx) Vendor Panorama Report, you can download the full Aforza vendor overview now.